Travel vaccines and consultations are not covered by BC provincial health, many health benefits plans cover these costs: receipts with DIN numbers are provided to you if you want to make a claim to your private insurance.


We offer competitive and affordable prices catered to just what you need for your trip.

Single Plan


per Appointment

30 minutes

1 person

Double Plan


per Appointment

30 – 60 minutes

2 people

Family Plan


per Appointment

30 – 60 minutes

Family (Max. of 4 people)

Additional Information
  • Consultation to a group of people can be discussed.
  • Subsequent visits for vaccination appointment
  • Standard fee for subsequent visits $20.00 per visit.
  • Yellow Fever contraindication cards or replacement card:  $20.00.

We accept major credit cards including visa or master card via PayPal and e-transfer via interact.